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Are You Ready to Unleash Your Magick?

Welcome, my name is Linda Renez Bernal. Do you feel a calling within but cannot pinpoint exactly what it is?  Do you desire to make a change in life?  Does the mystery of your life purpose keep you up at night?  If this resonates with your soul, it is no coincidence that you landed here today.​Your soul is sending you a message.  We are entering a critical time of awakening on planet Earth.  Our world is desperate for the divine feminine to step up and claim our authentic power. Unfortunately, there has been an unequal balance of power for far too long, so now we are at a crossroads.  Are you feeling this call to action deep within your soul?  It can look like, "Why am I here?" "What is my life purpose," or "There has to be more to life."   If this is you, join the tribe by clicking below and never miss out on all of the juicy updates. The time is now, and the energy is here to use to our advantage.  


Will you answer the call?

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What My Clients Say
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I started working with Renez when I realized I was going through a spiritual awakening. I honestly could not function at work, and it felt like my world was crumbling down. I reached out because I needed support. We worked together for six weeks, and my life has completely shifted. I wake up in joy and clarity on where my soul is headed. The Akashic readings helped so much. She’s a very nurturing coach with compassion and much wisdom. I highly recommend.

Martha Martinez, Event Planner


Ready to Transform Your Life?

The time is now....

Take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilling life. Book a free consultation with me today and discover how Conscious Consulting can support your journey to spiritual wellness.

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