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Welcome, my name is Linda Bernal.  First, I want to share a bit about myself and how I got to this point on my journey.  I'm what they would call a "corporate rat," or maybe that's just my name for it, but I have spent my entire career in the corporate world.  My first corporate job was at 19 years old.  That job gave me a glimpse into what freedom felt like and what kind of money I could make.  From that point on, I never looked back.  I was young, hungry for a career, enthusiastic about knowledge, and up for a challenge.

What I didn't know was that I would be chasing a dream for the next 23 years that would never come true.


I spun my wheels in corporate, praying for change, and on occasion, I'd get a glimpse of hope and then get knocked down only to pick myself right back up and keep plugging away.  I was pushed out of my comfortable long-term corporate job by my new manager, who hated me, so I went kicking and screaming.  If I could see his face now, I would thank him for playing that villain role so well because it launched me down the "dark night of the soul" journey for the next several years.  I bounced from job to job because nothing felt right, but I knew I had to make money to survive.  That I did well, but it was unfulfilling soul-less work.  So, I dove deep into finding myself for the next six years.  Who is this Linda person?  What does she even like?  Is she creative?  What are her strengths?  How does she make decisions?  I wanted to get to know ME.  So, I did.  The self-discovery journey included lots of books, meditations, breath-work, spiritual journeys to a higher self, plant medicines, hypnosis, retreats, purifications, and de-programming.  The last one is the hardest.  All of this work got me to who I am now, and I finally love HER unconditionally.

I finally broke away from Silicon Valley and moved to Santa Barbara.  That's when life started to make a little more sense.  I found this amazing circle of women who embraced me and taught me sisterhood.  I could finally breathe, and life felt real again.  The inspiration I received from these women launched me into eventually creating my dream from scratch.  I knew I wanted to focus on women, sisterhood, Goddesses, unique gifts, talents, and ultimately becoming unstuck.  I had felt stuck for so many years and didn't know where to turn.  There was no support group for what I was going through.  And I know I'm not the only person who has had this struggle in life.  So I finally nailed down what my soul resonates with.  That was the most challenging part, and then figuring out how to utilize this gift.

Now it's time for me to serve women and empower them to understand their infinite wisdom.  We all have a unique gift hiding inside that wants to be revealed.  Every single woman has it and deserves to know it and love it.  I want to be the person who guides you to it.  So my life purpose is to work with the women who want to dive deep into their soul to explore.  

I am a certified Wellness Coach, QHHT practitioner, a Reiki I practitioner plus 20+ years of corporate knowledge.  I've been through the trenches of life, hit bottom, and climbed out with a message and gifts to share.  There is so much we can learn from each other and support one another.  Competition is an old paradigm that I no longer subscribe to, as this world is full of abundance and enough to go around for all. 

Join me, join the conversation, and join the sisterhood.

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