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Welcome, my name is Linda Renez Bernal.  First, I want to share a bit about myself and how I got to this point on my journey.  I'm what they would call a “corporate rat,” or maybe that's just my name for it, but I have spent most of my career in the corporate world. My first corporate job was at 19 years old. That job gave me a glimpse into what freedom and a pocket full of money feltlike; at least, that's what I thought at 19. From that point on, I never looked back. I was young, hungry for a career, enthusiastic about knowledge, and up for a challenge. I didn't know that I would be chasing a dream for the next 23 years that would never come true.


While working at my first corporate job, I also decided to attend college full-time. The company I worked for would help pay for it, so it seemed like an opportunity I needed to take advantage of. I didn't have a game plan, but I worked at a technology company, so I decided to go to school and learn more about Technology to get out of my current job and into a better-paying one soon. I spent a year at that first job before getting promoted to a better position. I remember being so fascinated by how I was progressing so fast and learning so much simultaneously. I wrapped up college and leveled up again. This time the paycheck was twice what I was making, and I felt unstoppable. I stayed at the same company for several years, moving up, making more money, traveling, and having a blast. Then the market crashed, and cuts were happening everywhere. A much larger company bought out our company, and I was left with a severance package and needed to figure out what was next. Life felt a little shaky, but I landed a new job a few months later at a small start-up.

That start-up would take me through some of my happiest times and down to the darkest depths of my soul. I did what I knew best: to work hard and follow directions. I was an exemplary employee, always on time, took on work outside of my title, and worked overtime; that's what you do when it's a start-up. I continued to climb that corporate ladder, always reaching for the next best thing. I really did enjoy all of it 90% of the time. The pay was excellent, and bonuses were always getting paid out. Our company eventually went public, and things got chaotic. We hired like crazy and hired based on how fast someone could start and not on whether a person was a good culture fit or their credentials. This would lead to complications later on in the company. However, life went on, and so did my success at this company. I was seven years in before things started to take a drastic change.

I realized I was evolving and wanting something new. Every day I stepped into that office it felt like I was spinning my wheels. I prayed for change, and on occasion, I'd get a glimpse of hope, but something or someone would knock me down. Nevertheless, I would pick myself right back up and keep plugging away. Long story short, my new manager pushed me out of my cozy long-term corporate job, and also hated me, so I went kicking and screaming. If I could see his face now, I would thank him for playing that villain role so well because it launched me down the “dark night of the soul” journey for the next several years. I bounced from job to job because nothing felt right, but I knew I had to make money to survive. Getting a job was not a problem; the soul-less work and feeling empty at the end of each day killed me. So, I used all my free time to dive deep into finding myself for the next six years. Who is this Linda person? What does she even 

like? Is she creative? What are her strengths? How does she make decisions? I wanted to get to know ME. So, that's what I did. The self-discovery journey included many books, meditations, breathwork, spiritual journeys, plant medicines, hypnosis, retreats, purifications, and de-programming. I will tell you that de-programming is an ongoing process; there's no shortcut to the finish line. That decision I made to get to know myself turned my world upside down in the most remarkable way. That's when life really started to get good.

I finally broke away from Silicon Valley and moved to Santa Barbara. That kicked my life into a whole new trajectory. I found this amazing circle of women who embraced me and taught me sisterhood. I could finally breathe, and life felt natural again. The inspiration I received from these women launched me into eventually creating my dream from scratch. I wanted to focus on women, sisterhood, Goddesses, unique gifts, talents, mentoring, coaching, and ultimately becoming unstuck. I had felt stuck for so many years and didn't know where to turn. There was no support group for what I was going through. I had some close friends to lean on, but I didn't have a mentor to help me navigate my career. But I was becoming clear on what my soul resonated with, and that was narrowing it down for me. The most challenging part was figuring out how to utilize my gifts and make money from them. All of that became more evident as I kept learning more about myself and giving back to these incredible women and my community.

Fast forward to the present moment and this guide I created. Today I focus on mentoring and guiding people to ignite their light. It can be a complex process, but having someone to help guide you will save you years and lots of head and heartache. Take it from someone who spent too many years trying to unlock the treasures I didn't know I had. I wish I had a mentor or coach to lean on during my dark night of the soul. A quote comes to mind, “Become what you wish to see in the world.” That's what I am doing, creating something I never had for others to succeed. This is me putting all my trust into the universe and me.


Now it's time for me to serve the people and empower them to understand their infinite wisdom. We all have unique gifts hiding inside that want to be revealed. Everyone has talents, and you deserve to know and love them. I want to be the person who guides you to it. So, my life purpose is to work with all human beings who want to dive deep into their soul to explore.

I am a certified Wellness Coach, QHHT practitioner, Reiki Master, and read the Akashic records. I've read hundreds of books on esoteric wisdom and spirituality, sat with plant medicines for 7+ years, plus 20+ years of information technology corporate knowledge. I've been through the trenches of life, hit my bottom, and climbed out with a message and gifts to share. There is so much available to us right now, and we can learn from each other while supporting one another.

We no longer need to subscribe to a reality based on competition and division. That old paradigm is crumbling as you read this, and a new one is emerging. This world is abundant, and we do not have to step on anyone to get where we want to go. This guide will help you kickstart your journey as you set out to ignite your light.

Join me, join the conversation, and join the community.

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