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QLB (Quantum Light Breath)​

First, expect profound and powerful changes to happen to you. The QLB will clean out impurities and toxins from all the various aspects of your being, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Please bear in mind that the Quantum Light Breath is a meditation or inner experience. It was developed as a technique to cut through the mind without dealing directly with it.

After 20 years of working with thousands and thousands of peoples' minds, I have seen conclusively that the best way to deal with the mind is to change our attitude toward it. We have made it all-powerful through our belief in it. If we can change our attitude toward the mind, the mind will change because it is our own creation.

The basic part of the mind is the subconscious, like an enormous computer that stores everything – including every traumatic experience since birth. The strange thing is that the subconscious believes that these traumatic experiences are still happening. In other words, the subconscious doesn't see these memories as straightforward documents of something that is now gone forever. Instead, it is like a child sitting in front of a television set, believing everything it sees. Because the mind believes these old events are constantly reoccurring (or could reoccur), it is continually creating protective thoughts, attitudes, strategies, etc. These, in turn, lead to defensive behavior, including the tensing of the physical body to create body protection or body armor. This tension also can be in the internal organs, preventing the body from functioning optimally. All of this tension and the fear behind it tremendously influence our lives.

In practicing the Quantum Light Breath, it is essential to open to the rather radical idea that "Only NOW is." NOW is all there is. The so-called past doesn't exit. It is gone forever. The Future never comes. Only this moment is real. Memories are fantasies. And fantasies in themselves are harmless. However, if, like the child sitting in front of the television, we choose to believe in them, they will have the same effect on us as if they were real. But, even in a case like this, it is not the memories/fantasies that are causing the trouble but rather the mind's tendency to believe in them.

Most therapists (medical, psychological, or spiritual) also take the attitude that what the mind fears is real. In dealing only with symptoms, they fail to see that the problem is that the mind believes in fantasy and that we then believe what the mind tells us. But, reality gets lost. The NOW is ignored. To ignore the NOW is to ignore our real life. Memories are not our real lives. Memories are dead and therefore have no life of their own. They seem to have life only when we choose to believe in them (and when we choose to give them energy). Therefore, if you don't have a problem right NOW, at this very moment, you simply don't have a problem. You may imagine that you do. But at that point, you have a choice - to believe in the fantasy or not. When you stop believing you have a problem, you will also stop reacting to this imaginary problem. Your tension, blocks, armor, defensive attitudes, and strategies will disappear.

When you stop believing that you're being chased by an imaginary tiger, you will automatically stop running. So it's not the tiger that is the problem. The problem is a mind that believes this fantasy tiger is real and, therefore, won't let us stop running. The Quantum Light Breath is based on the realization that the tiger is not real. And this is what must be practiced in daily life. Learn to separate genuine problems (extremely rare) from imaginary ones (a constant flow).

The purpose of the Quantum Light Breath is to help you learn and practice to do just that: see the artificiality of the mind and gradually become its master instead of being its slave.

The approach we are taking with the QLB is that the content of the mind is made up of memories that are basically harmless but which need to be released. If not released, they will continue to affect us subconsciously.

Before a QLB Session

A warm-up is highly recommended. It helps you to relax and get rid of any nervousness that you may have. This can be in the form of dancing or shaking. First, shake the hands as vigorously as possible, and keep the whole body loose so that it starts to shake and breathe as deeply and thoroughly as possible. This can be done for 10 minutes or longer to any lively music.

During a QLB Session

The energy created by breathing will bring up this old material in the form of thoughts, emotions, thought forms, or physical sensations. When this happens, these emissions are to be released by allowing them to be there. Take no notice. Don't resist or fight with whatever comes up. Just allow. By enabling it, we give the message to the subconscious that the material is unimportant, and the subconscious will therefore let go of it. 

DO keep your awareness focused on the NOW of your breath. Always stay with your breath. DO allow the emotions to arise but DON'T go into them as you've often been advised. Some people experience unusual physical sensations in the first few sessions. This can feel like numbness or stiffness. Or a tingling. Or a tightening. This is usually because that particular area's energy is not moving freely. After a few sessions, these sensations seldom appear. This usually means that whatever was blocking the energy has been released.

After A QLB Session

Most people will continue processing after the session is over, sometimes for several days. So be aware of this, especially the following day. You may find your dreams strongly influenced, in turn affecting how you feel during the day. Be exceptionally watchful for "negative" emotions since these are the kind that are repressed. As this old material is activated, you may feel that the emotions you are experiencing are coming from present situations.

It is essential to recognize that these emotions are actually stored memories of old, dead emotions ready to be released. If you believe these memories are real and act on them, you will give them importance, and they will not be released or resolved. However, if you allow them to be there but focus your awareness on the reality of NOW, they will quickly disappear. Be exceptionally watchful of feelings that are difficult to define. They may be from experiences from the pre-verbal level. These are to be handled in the same way.

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